LIESOL Integrated LED T5 Tube Light


LIESOL LED linear light was designed to replace normal lamp fitting that use 30W fluorescent T5 tube inside. The biggest advantage of this linear light is that it can be joined together with other units by sharing one power supply. Designers can use this linear light to create recessed light bar up to 5 meters. As for new construction, it’s also a good choice because it don’t need starter and offers flexible bracket for installation. Diffuse cover design ensure the low level of glare that creates comfortable lighting environment.

Features & Applications:

  • External power supply unit separated from luminaire ease maintenance and prolong electronic components life span.
  • Uniform light output & glare control
  • High PF external power supply was provided
  • High brightness & excellent CRI
  • Low energy consumption, save electricity up to 70%
  • Environmental friendly – no mercury or hazardous material
  • Long Life Span up to 36,000 hours
  • CE & Rohs compliant
  • White color finishing