LIESOL LED Panel Light



LIESOL LED panel light was designed to replace normal lamp fitting that use fluorescent tube inside. This type of panel light can replace up to 4 x 36W lamp fitting. As for new construction, it’s also a good choice because it don’t need starter and offer safety cable for hanging version installation. Diffuse cover design ensure the low level of glare that creates comfortable lighting environment.

Features & Applications:

  • External power supply unit separated from luminaire ease maintenance and prolong electronic components life span
  • Uniform light output & glare control
  • High PF external power supply was provided
  • High brightness & excellent CRI
  • Low energy consumption, save electricity up to 70%
  • Environmental friendly – no mercury or hazardous material
  • Long Life Span up to 36,000 hours
  • CE & Rohs compliant