LIESOL Energy Monitoring System (LEMS)

Our LEMS solution provides valuable insights on your energy consumption, exposing inefficiencies and discovering energy saving opportunities.

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LIESOL Power Saving Management (LPSM)

Our LPSM solution, a 5-in-1 fuzzy logic based intelligent energy saving system control Central Air Conditioning System to give you a guaranteed reduction in your energy consumption and costs.

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LED Lighting Solution

Our comprehensive range of energy-efficient LED lightings includes street lightings, industrial lightings, commercial lightings and general lightings.

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we believe that green practices represent the future — an essential component for businesses to achieve sustainable and profitable growth. That is why we are dedicated to help organizations to reduce their energy cost and make the most of their energy with our complete range of LIESOL Energy Efficiency Solutions.

With the ever increasing global demands for energy, businesses all over the world are moving towards green practices to sustain growth and to reduce environmental impact.  LIESOL is committed to provide a robust energy efficiency solution that comprises of four main solutions:

  • Energy Monitoring System
  • Power Saving Management
  • LED Lighting Solution

Whether you are a manufacturer, small and medium enterprises, developer, engineer, or contractor, you can be assured that LIESOL Energy Efficiency Solutions will help your organization achieve cost savings and build a sustainable and competent business.

Because at LIESOL, we are your reliable partner in energy efficiency.


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